What Should You Know About the Arizona Real Estate Exam

What Should You Know About the Arizona Real Estate Exam

June 24, 2023 Off By timetobuybc

The real estate market in Arizona is in full swing, providing abundant opportunity. You must pass the Arizona Real Estate License Exam to enter this lucrative profession and begin practicing real estate as a broker or agent. This will open the door to your license and start a new career.

Are You Exploring Arizona Real Estate Career Opportunities?

The Arizona real estate license online can be a challenge initially, but it can be achieved on the first attempt with dedication and preparation. Here we provide all the essential information about this exam and suggestions for preparing. Take a look.

Here is some vital information about this exam. Arizona Real Estate License Exam:

  • Examinable Topics: The Arizona Real Estate License Exam is split into national and state sections. The national section comprises 100 multiple-choice tests, whereas the state section has 40 questions. Subjects covered on this test include property ownership laws and regulations, financing contracts/valuation/market analysis/agency relationships, as well as disclosure of property.
  • Passing Score For a pass, both test sections must get at least 70% each to pass.
  • Test Format Pearson Vue offers a computer-based exam, which will take about 3.5 hours to complete.
  • Exam Fee: The Arizona Real Estate License Exam costs $75.

Once you know what to expect during an Arizona Real Estate License Exam, the next step should be the time it will take to complete it.

Answering this question depends on several factors, including your experience with real estate, how much time you can dedicate each day to learning, and your preferred learning method. Enrolling in a pre-license course like the Winn School of Real Estate can also be an effective way to prepare for the exam. It provides structured instruction and additional resources to help you learn the material. However, regardless of your preferred method of preparation, to adequately prepare for the exam, a minimum of 60 to 100 hours must be set aside for study. By dedicating sufficient time and effort to your exam preparation, you can increase your chances of success on the Arizona Real Estate License Exam.

Here are a few studies to help you get the most out of your time:

  • Make a Study Plan: Create a detailed study schedule with all the topics covered and the hours you’ll do your homework daily. Consider enrolling in an online course to ensure you cover all the necessary topics. Many online courses offer comprehensive coverage of the exam topics and can help you stay on track with your studies. To explore your options for online courses, follow this link. Creating a structured study plan and utilizing high-quality study resources like online courses can increase your chances of success on the Arizona Real Estate License Exam.
  • Use Practice Tests: Practice tests measure your knowledge level and identify improvement areas.
  • Exam Topic Review: Utilize study tools like textbooks, online courses, and flashcards to cover subjects thoroughly for the exam.
  • Take a Pre-License Course: It is worth considering enrolling in a preliminary license course to get additional help for self-study. The courses typically include formal instruction with hands-on practice sessions.
  • Get regular rest: Take regular breaks to keep yourself from burning out and relax your brain. Regularly rest to give your brain time for your brain to process information fluidly.
  • Keep Focused: Avoid distracting activities like social media or television when studying to help keep focus.


The Arizona Real Estate License Examination can be challenging, but you can succeed if you are committed and perseverant. Be bold and ask for assistance from tutors or study groups; most importantly, be confident in yourself and your ability to achieve success.

Earning an Arizona Real Estate License can be a challenging but rewarding experience. Successfully passing the Arizona Real Estate License Exam is a matter of plan and concentration. To increase the possibility of passing on the first attempt, make an effective study plan, take tests, review the exam thoroughly, take an annual pre-license training course, make breaks frequently, remain focused, and concentrate on passing it on the very first try.