Smoke Damage Restoration: What Do You Need to Do After a Fire?

December 7, 2022 Off By timetobuybc

Smoke after a fire may get into the house and may cause harm. Smoke comprises carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and other matter that may infiltrate woodwork, carpets, bedding curtains, furniture, and drapes.

Sometimes, homeowners use aromatherapy candles and spray to neutralize the smell of smoke. However, the problem with these strategies is that they merely mask the overwhelming smell of smoke, leaving smoke molecules ingrained in fabrics, fibers, along with other porous materials. If you want your house to be entirely smoke-free, your furnishings should be cleaned thoroughly.

Fire smoke removal from living spaces can be a complex and lengthy job. It requires assistance from experts with years of experience, access to the right tools, and the ability to perform the task safely without causing additional harm to the property.

Smoke Damage Restoration Tips

The robust and oppressive smell of smoke that remains after a fire may appear simple; however, the time it takes to remove it depends on various factors. These are the most important steps you can take to remove the smell of smoke and smoke-related harm from your home.

Air Out Your Home

You can minimize the smoke smell by allowing your house to air out. The most effective method is to open the windows and doors to enable smoke will go out while fresh, cool air can get in. You can also use the power of positive pressure to blow out specific areas and decrease the chances of smoke-laden air circulating.

In the entryway, put an enormous fan to the inside. Open one window to act as an exhaust. Then turn the fan on. This will allow fresh air into the area and remove the odor of smoke. Get help like Portland, OR, fire damage restoration services.

Remove Curtains and Drapes

Remove all the textiles from your home and get them professionally cleaned. Get rid of any window decorations like drapes and curtains, and hang them outdoors to eliminate the smell of smoke.

They’ll probably need to be dry-cleaned to eliminate the smell. Avoid washing in the machine when there’s a lot of soot on the fabric, as it could lead to blockages after the wash cycle.

Clean Carpet and Upholstery

Baking soda is a great option to eliminate smoke smells from the upholstery and carpets. Sprinkle baking soda on the troublesome regions, then let it remain for at least three hours. Remove the baking soda from the upholstery and carpet clean them.

During cleaning, it’s important to keep furniture damaged by smoke far from the carpet. This helps prevent the formation of stains due to the cleaning solution spilling.

Wash Solid Surfaces

You must use moderate detergent and water to clean hard surfaces like doors, baseboards, window frames, sills, and installation frames. Spray everything with hard surfaces after adding an appropriate solution to the spray bottle. Use a clean cloth to wipe the surfaces and clean the fabric after every use. Contact a reliable restoration company to help you repair your home.

Mop Hard Floors

Smoke flakes hanging in the air will eventually hit the ground. The floor should be cleaned and mopped to remove the black or off-white powdery ash remnants from the flame.

Instead of soaking the mop as you work in the mop bucket, it is better to wash it under running water. This ensures that every bit of smoke ash is removed from your mop.