Preventive Health Care: Why a Yearly Checkup for Your Cat Is Important

Preventive Health Care: Why a Yearly Checkup for Your Cat Is Important

September 15, 2022 Off By timetobuybc

Even if your cat doesn’t seem sick, it’s important to take it to the vet once a year. This will help keep your cat healthy. Not only are cats known for being able to “hide” health problems, but annual checkups help your vet set a baseline for health in case there are problems in the future. They are also a good time to find and treat serious problems early.

What are the benefits of annual cat examinations?

If you still need more convincing, this page will tell you some more reasons why you should take your cat to the vet often.

Preventing Serious Health Issues in the Future

Preventive care is very important if you want your cat friend to live a long and healthy life. During regular visits, the vet may give your pet a shot to protect it from disease. Vaccinations can keep your kitten or cat from getting diseases like rabies, feline leukemia, and feline distemper, which can be very dangerous or even kill them.


As part of preventive care, a vet may also check your pet for fleas, ticks, and other parasites on the outside. A vet will write a prescription or suggest a plan of action if a pet needs treatment. You might also learn how to keep fleas and ticks away from your cat. Ticks and fleas can give pets a lot of trouble. So, prevention is very important.


During wellness checks, you can also check your cat’s weight as preventive care. Because being overweight can cause health problems, your vet may tell you to feed your cat a certain way if it needs to lose weight.


You can also avoid health problems and complications by having your veterinarian do regular blood tests and cold laser therapy for dogs or cats. Blood tests will be done to determine how well the organs are working and if there are any health problems, such as diabetes. When health problems are caught early, they can be treated to prevent them from worsening.


Providing Dental Treatment or Care

Cats need regular dental care to keep their teeth in good shape. Your vet from places like can look for problems during routine checks. Your vet can look for signs of problems like gum disease or a buildup of tartar and plaque. If you don’t find and treat gum disease immediately, your cat could get an infection that needs special care.


Also, your vet may be able to tell you the best way to help your cat keep healthy teeth. You may be shown how to properly brush your cat’s teeth and give tips on how to help get rid of tartar, such as giving your cat dental chews. Your vet may be able to tell you what signs your cat has a tooth or gum disease. You may be asked to get X-rays of your pet’s teeth at regular vet visits. Cleaning your teeth often may also be helpful.

Recognizing and Correcting Behavioral Issues

Is your cat, who used to be calm, suddenly getting mean? Has your cat stopped using the litter box and started using the bathtub instead? Your cat may be destroying your furniture by scratching and destroying it. Behavior problems might require the help of a professional, like your cat’s vet.


Your vet may ask you questions about why your pet is acting strangely. Have you recently moved to a new place? Have you and your family added a new member, like a new cat or pet? Have you changed your cat’s food recently? Your vet might be able to help you figure out where the problem is coming from and give you good ideas for how to fix it.

In conclusion

Even if your cat has no obvious health or behavior problems, it is still important to take it to the vet regularly. Make an appointment with your vet today and ask about health checks for the future. Taking care of your cat regularly will help you keep a good relationship with it.