Pet Wellness: How to Properly Care for a Pregnant Cat?

Pet Wellness: How to Properly Care for a Pregnant Cat?

April 29, 2023 Off By timetobuybc

Is your cat exhibiting all the signs of pregnancy? Whether it was an accident or intentional, as a pet parent, you want to give them the finest care you can. Your cat’s pregnancy is delicate, and you wish to ensure smooth delivery for the kittens developing inside it.

Vital Tips When Taking Care of a Pregnant Cat

After pregnancy is verified, you should be more vigilant of your pet. As a caring cat owner, these are some vital tips you should do to help alleviate your pregnant cat’s transition into motherhood.

Vaccinate Them

Your cat should preferably have all of its vaccinations updated before getting pregnant. Pregnant cats must have high antibody levels so they can pass protection on to their kittens through their milk. The veterinarian at a pet pharmacy can find out if they need to be vaccinated by doing a blood test to determine their antibody levels.

Provide Good Nutrition

If you have a pregnant cat, you must introduce a diet different from what it ate before pregnancy. Pregnant cats and their kittens require a special mix of high-grade food developed to make them healthy and balanced. The ingredients in these blends are commonly comparable to those in kitten food. Providing treats to your pregnant cat is fine, but ensure you don’t overdo it and be mindful of its ingredients.

It’s suggested to speak with a veterinarian specializing in internal medicine if you’re unsure about the optimum diet for your pregnant cat. They can recommend the most appropriate diet for your pregnant pet’s needs. If you are curious about what an internal medicine vet does, visit this site

Set Up a Comfortable Space

Providing the expecting mother with a quiet place to rest is necessary. A pregnant cat might be timid, and it will take a while for it to feel comfortable in its new area. Depending on the amount of area you have and the optimum weather conditions for the kittens, it can be inside or outside your home.

Keep Them Hydrated

All cats need to have enough water, but several of them can be picky. It is incredibly substantial for your cat to drink water while they are pregnant. For the sake of their kittens’ health and safety, you have to guarantee that they drink lots of water.

Nonetheless, remember that some pregnant cats experience complications. So, every pet owner needs to take preventive measures at these times. Therefore, it is vital to have a contact number of veterinary surgeons readily available in case of an emergency. If there are no vet surgeons in your area, you can look for “veterinary surgeon near me” on the net to locate one.

Provide Exercise and Stimulation

Just like they need to eat and drink, cats also need to exercise. A pregnant cat can benefit from some extra activity before giving birth, but it’s also critical for them to have many secure places to climb, hide, or run. They can immediately become bored, so ensure you give them multiple toys and a scratching post to keep them busy.

The Takeaway

There’s no denying the challenge of caring for a pregnant cat. But the effort will be worthwhile when you see your cat acts like itself again after giving birth to healthy kittens. You can take care of most of it by yourself if you start getting ready well in advance of their due date. And if something goes wrong, keep in mind that you can always seek the recommendations of professionals.