Cedar Hot Tubs: Reasons Why It Is Very Popular

Cedar Hot Tubs: Reasons Why It Is Very Popular

August 24, 2022 Off By timetobuybc

An increasing number of people are buying hot tubs, but for some reason, many seem to be opting for acrylic units. Sure, they are easy to clean and reasonably inexpensive. Nevertheless, paying more money and obtaining a good product would be preferable! This is why many recommend investing in a cedar hot tub, which is an excellent choice for the prevalent and, in the viewpoint of several, poor acrylic-built designs available.

Advantages of Cedar Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are available in all shapes and sizes and are made from various materials from ceramic, plastic, metallic alloys, and one of our favorites, cedar. The variety of benefits offered by this “super wood” is countless, but we’ve managed to limit six of the top reasons why you’ll want to think about buying a cedar hot tub!


Who can deny the appeal of natural wood? Even if you maintain your cedar hot tub inside, you’ll quickly have the experience of enjoying the great outdoors. Can you think of anything more peaceful? We sure can not. And even better, the neutral color of a cedar bathtub is simple to integrate perfectly into any type of house design.

Durability and Strength

Cedar is among the best woods out there, and it’s guaranteed to hold up to your frequent hot tub use throughout the years. While other types of wood might warp under the heat, moisture, and outside weather, cedar will remain in the best shape. The outer finish is similarly strong, which will stay attractive for many years!

Keep Bugs Out

Cedar is one of the oldest well-known natural repellants to insects. Before entering the bathtub, you won’t need to worry about getting bitten while bathing or slathering on stinky insect spray. This is a helpful function thinking that the locations surrounding hot tubs are both moist and warm: in other words, breeding grounds for insects!


Cedar hot tubs let off a natural aroma of the trees from which they’re made. Even years after your purchase, this beautiful scent won’t fade, and the steam from your oval hot tubs will only make it stronger. This is especially excellent for hot tub users who aren’t fans of the often-overwhelming scent of chlorine. Leaning back in your hot, bubbling cedar tub while breathing in the woodsy scent of cedar is arguably the most relaxing thing you can do.

Environmentally Friendly

Cedar hot tubs have a much lighter environmental footprint than plastic and metal-based options. Cedar hot tubs are totally or at least mostly handmade, making them a much “greener option” than mass-produced hot tubs. Do your earth a favor and go natural by going cedar.

Traditional and Rustic

There’s a certain mystique to following the footsteps of our forefathers and enjoying the same simple pleasures they once indulged in. People across the globe have delighted in Cedar hot tubs for hundreds and centuries. You can visit their website if you are looking for hot tubs for sale.

Final Thoughts

The most significant benefit to having a cedar jacuzzi is the visual spectacle that it will give, especially when installed near other wood frameworks or in a location surrounded by nature. The wood is treated to guarantee that it will last for many years. However, it also retains a “natural” appearance that ensures that people think they are returning to nature.